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Mogs @ Moab 2004
Saturday, April 10th Potato Salad Hill trip report


**Saturday: Potato Salad Hill
Friday night, another mogger showed up in camp and I don't remember his name now. He is on the list, so maybe he will remind me. Anyway, he was there with his girlfriend, but left his mog home in New Mexico. We didn't need to clear out until about noon, so he and his girlfriend went with me up to Potato Salad Hill to see the Saturday Spectacle. There were plenty of spectators, but nobody was driving! After about 20 minutes, I finally went up once just to see if I could get the crowd going. It didn't work. The regular "Potato Salad Larry" showed up in his trick Toyota and drove up and down, but nobody else would go. We loaded up and drove up once more - this time in first gear - before leaving to pack up.

Once again, a fantastic Moab trip. We will probably make at least one or two more Moab weekend trips this fall. If anyone wants to meet up, let me know. The highlight of my trip this time is my youngest boy is 3 this year, so my whole family was able to go with me on 8 of the 9 trails I did. My trail buddy this year was Forest - he went on all of them!

Sorry for the delay on this posting and pictures. I don't take a lot of pictures anyway, except of my family. One of these days though, I'll get to posting them up for everyone.

On another Moab-related note, some fellow from around here was killed on Hell's revenge this weekend after being ejected and rolled over by his jeep. See the story at http://tv.ksl.com/index.php?nid=5&sid=89869

Happy Mogging,
Eric Johnson
416 doka

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