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Pat's LF-8-TS 404 Unimog
Owner Info
Pat Potecek
LaPorte, Indiana USA
1964 404.1 LF-8-TS Fire Truck

Bradley's Hardtop Cargo
Owner Info
Bradley Winston
Plantation, Florida USA
1957 404.1 Hardtop Cargo

Bob Nickels' 404 Unimog
Owner Info
Bob Nichols
Freeport, Illinois USA
1965 404.1 Radiobox

Chad's 404
Owner Info
Chad Smith
1965 404.1 Radioboxless

Actually, Chad sold this Mog to another guy, but I haven't been able to contact him yet...

Pat Woodruff's Radiobox
Owner Info
Pat Woodruff
California USA
1972 404.1 Unimog Radiobox

Andy Coudyser's Snowblower
Owner Info
Andy Coudyser
1956 401 Unimog Snow Blower

This truck has a V6 Deutz diesel engine in the back which drives the Beilhack snowblower.

Andy Coudyser's Snowblower
Owner Info
Andy Coudyser
1956 401 Unimog Snow Blower

Andy Coudyser's Snowblower
Owner Info
Andy Coudyser
1956 401 Unimog Snow Blower

Glenn Murdock's Troop Carrier
Owner Info
Glenn Murdock
Wurzburg, Germany
1962 404.1 Unimog Troop Carrier

Pembroke, NH Fire truck
Owner Info
Pembroke, NH Fire department, Chester Martel
Pembroke, New Hampshire, USA
406 Unimog Fire truck

Bob R lends a hand
Owner Info
Bob Ragain
Littleton, Colorado, USA
404.1 Unimog Radio truck

Bob Ragain getting ready to tow his newest toy home... This one ought to take care of the tree problems on Jenny Creek!

Bumblebee PLF
Owner Info
I followed this Unimog through 2 or 3 owners, but the last time I heard of it, it was auctioned on ebay, and I've lost track of who owns it.
1966 404.113 PLF Swiss Airport fire truck

Didier's 404.1
Owner Info
Didier Rottiers
Erpe-Mere, Belgium
1968 404.1 Belgian army Unimog

Walt Disney World Unimog
Owner Info
Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida, USA
404.1 Unimog Snack Bar?

At Walt Disney World, in the new Animal Kingdom, they have taken a 404.1, and cut the rear end off of it, and built on a snack bar. The Unimog rear axle is gone, and thus, the truck is front wheel drive only... The rear axle is now just a straight steel beam. OTOH, this may have been a traction head Mog.

U500 Doka
U500 Doka crew cab
photo provided by
Freightliner Utah


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