UNIMOG Colorado
Rocky Mountain Moggers
Unimog Color Codes

 Standard colors (Standardfarbtöne)
Curry Yellow DB 1600 Curry Yellow
same as RAL 1027
Curry Yellow Unimog
Amber Yellow DB 1624 Amber Yellow
Amber Yellow Unimog
Yellow Orange DB 2550 Yellow Orange
same as RAL 2000
Yellow Orange Unimog
Yellow Orange DB 2603 Brown Orange
same as RAL 2011
Yellow Orange Unimog
Lorry Green DB 6277 Lorry Green
Lorry Green Unimog
NATO Green DB 6431 Nato Green
(NATO grün)
same as RAL 6014
NATO Green Unimog
Sap Green DB 6821 Sap Green
Sap Green Unimog
Grey DB 7187 Lorry Grey
same as DuPont 43203
Grey Unimog
 Special Colors (Sonderfarbtöne)
Chrome Yellow MB 1227 Chrome Yellow
(chromegelb 86)
same as RAL 1004
Chrome Yellow Unimog
Brown Beige DB 1448 Brown Beige
same as RAL 1011
Brown Beige Unimog
Snd Colored DB 1474 Sand Colored
Brown Beige Unimog
Red Orange DB 2553 Red Orange
same as RAL 2001
Red Orange Unimog
Yellow Orange DB 3534 Fire Red
same as RAL 3000
Yellow Orange Unimog
Gentian Blue DB 5361 Gentian Blue
same as RAL 5010,
same as DuPont 43206
Gentian Blue Unimog
Moss Green DB 6294 Moss Green
same as RAL 6005
Moss Green Unimog
Light Yellow Green DB 6840 Light Yellow Green
Light Yellow Green Unimog
Pebble Grey DB 7701 Pebble Grey
same as RAL 7032
Pebble Grey Unimog
Grey-White DB 9136 Grey-White
same as RAL 9002
Grey-White Unimog

These colors remain with minor changes through today. The Curry yellow, one of the worlds ugliest colors, was finally dropped in 1991. Most good automotive paint wholesalers can cross reference to RAL codes. The DB/MB codes are harder to find references for.

The Germans in Gaggenau never offered black as a finish color until late in the 80's and only then as a custom order color at a premium price. What they did offer, but never listed was a white primer finish for cab/chassis units being delivered to body builders.

They even refer to black as "chassis black".

-Jack Russell

These colors have been scanned from the original Unimog color chips, and while they are a close approximation, due to differences in computer monitors and printers, these colors cannot be expected to match the actual Unimog colors.
The Mercedes DB color codes are also known as MB color codes.
-Ron DePugh

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