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Mt. Evans attempt #18
Friday and Saturday, November 5th and 6th, 2010
Mt. Evans, Colorado, USA

We usually meet at the Echo Lab cabin at Echo Lake on the Friday evening before the ascent. Dr. Stencel has the building open by 8:00pm and it's a good opportunity to sit around the wood stove with a "refreshment" and catch up on the past year. Saturday morning, we fire up the trucks and head through the locked gate at 8:00am. Anyone who wants to come up Saturday morning is welcome to do so, just don't be late because the gate is locked behind us.

We spend the day on the mountain. If we make it to the top, we help clean up the observatory, top up electrolyte in the storage batteries, and do various other tasks as Dr. Stencel deems necessary. Lunch can be a sandwich brought along, or something prepared on someones cookstove. When the tasks are done, we head back down to Echo Lab, clean up our gear and then meet at Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs for dinner. From there we head for home, having had a great winter day at 14,000 feet.

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