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Many Unimogs are equipped with radio boxes, and a few of those boxes have some radio equipment still in place. Many owners have the desire to re-equip their Unimogs with original equipment. Others just want the historical information for their radio box equipment even though they have no intention to install the hardware. These pages were created to partially document the radio systems which are known to have been used in Unimog 404 radio boxes. No attempt has been made to include all equipment which might have been used in a 404 radio box.

So far, we know of 4 types of systems which were used:
the GRC-7, the GRC-9, the SEM-25 and the Siemens 745 E 310 A.

Other equipment was undoubtedly installed,
and any additional information would be welcomed.

These pages were created for two purposes:

1) To document the known radio equipment found in Unimog 404 radio boxes:
    a) GRC-7 VHF transceiver, receiver   
    b) GRC-9 HF transmitter-receiver   
    c) SEM-25 VHF transceiver   
    d) Siemens 745 E 310 A receiver   
2) To provide a quick reference for radio related issues, including Amateur Radio in general:
    a) American Radio Relay League (ARRL) home page
    b) Colorado Amateur Radio
What does all this Military alphabet soup mean?
Click Here to find out.
(Type in GRC and read Ground Radio Equipment)

Some other Radio Links:

    Tom Norris' Military Radio web pages   

Sources of 24 volt radios, parts and pieces:
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Los Angeles, CA 90006

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Fair Radio Sales Co
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