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Mogs @ Moab 2004
Thursday, April 8th Metal Masher group

Participants were:
Douwe and Ann Bruinsma - 710M Pinzgauer
Eric and Jessica Johnson and sons - 416 Unimog
Brian Gould and Mike - 712M Pinzgauer


**Thursday: Part of Metal Masher
Kent, Ron, Greg, and Ingham's took off in the morning on Kane Creek. After having engine troubles trying Widow Maker on Metal Masher last year, Brian Gould wanted to go out and try it again and it sounded fun to me. He and some of the Pinz guys worked on his rig in the morning, improving the trail repair from Wednesday. Paul and Douwe got a "new" Plexiglas windshield put in their truck for the ride home. We lounged around camp until afternoon and then left for a shortcut directly to Widow Maker. We arrived there just as another group was getting the last of their rigs up it. Brian tried a couple of lines and then tried one line pretty hard. The rear axle would leave the ground, but the other two weren't pulling it over. Then we heard a bang and there was a little flying metal. The trail repair had given out and left a little damage. The shock was broken off and the axle twisted a full 90 degrees so the spring plates weren't located properly. We got the axle back into place during a sand and rain storm. I hooked to the back of the 712 and let him down the steep hill right before Widow Maker. We left the 712 there and headed back to camp. Brian and the guys drove back later in his Dodge pickup and trailer to get it. He said he got a lot of comments about being up on Metal Masher with his Dodge pickup and a trailer!

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