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Mogs @ Moab 2004
Saturday, April 3rd Geyser and La Sal Pass attempts


Saturday morning, Eric and Jessica Johnson invited us to join them for breakfast in their camper, which was strapped to the bed of their lowboy trailer

Camper on a flatbed.
Eric's 5th wheel camper on the flatbed trailer.


He pulled it and his mog to Moab with his Freightliner tractor

Eric's Freightliner
Eric's Freightliner and Mog.


Very nice accommodations and works out well for their tribe of four very active boys.

We spent the rest of the morning setting up the Mog Central tent.

Mog Central.
Mog Central.

Participants were:
Ron DePugh - 404.1 Unimog
Kent Drummond - 404.1 Unimog
Eric and Jessica Johnson and sons - 416 Unimog


About 3:00 we were trying to figure out a short, local trail ride. In all the years I've been to Moab, I look up toward the La Sal mountains and try to figure out a way to get up there and maybe bag one of the peaks. So, with Ron and Eric willing, we headed out for Geyser Pass. It starts out on the Manti-La Sal Loop road, which is paved, but quite steep. As we passed a small settlement of cabins we saw a flock of wild turkeys out in a field.

Trees on the way up.
Snow in the trees.


Eventually the pass road turned off the pavement and we continued to climb.

End of the road.
End of the road.

Kent: As we got into the trees, we also got into remaining snow cover, eventually coming to a dead end at 9,600 feet. It was snowing so hard you couldn't see more than about 50 yards.

On the way down.
On the way back down.


We headed back down. It was still early yet, so when we got to the turn off for La Sal Pass everyone was agreeable to give it a try. This is a little more interesting road. Anyone who has tried the road up to Lake Como at the base of Blanca Peak in Southern Colorado will recognize the similarity. The road is a narrow Jeep road and climbs very steeply. Because it had been raining most of the day, the road surface was kind of slick, but not as bad as our venture in this vicinity two years ago. We climbed to an elevation of about 7,700' and started to get into the snow line. The road was becoming dangerously slick at this point, so we opted to give it up for another day and headed back to Moab. This trail is only rated at moderate difficulty, but on a clear day the scenery would be spectacular. It's probably something that isn't navigable until later in the summer when the high mountain snow is melted.


**Saturday: Geyser Pass and La Sal Pass
Since it was a little rainy on Saturday, we decided to go out exploring on dirt roads a little. We intended to try the road to La Sal Pass, but we missed the turnoff, so we continued on up the Geyser pass road. It was just a dirt road, but the rain made things a little interesting. We all agreed beforehand to turn around before a replay of the "Day of Mud" on Strike Ravine a few years ago. The highlight of the drive for us was the wildlife - we saw a flock of wild turkeys by the side of the road and a great horned owl near the turnaround before Geyser Pass. The road over Geyser Pass was blocked at a turnaround point due to still deep snowdrifts.

Take the other Road.
Which way?


After heading back down, we decided to explore the LaSal Pass road and see what it was like. It became sticky goo a lot sooner than the other road and we turned around after a few miles. On the way back out, we took the boys over to Ken's Lake and let them explore around the shore.

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