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Mogs @ Moab 2004
Wednesday, April 7th Golden Spike group

Participants were:
Douwe and Ann Bruinsma - 710M Pinzgauer
Paul and Eric Buckner - 710M Pinzgauer
Brian Gould and Mike - 712M Pinzgauer
Park Hill - 710M Pinzgauer
Eric and Jessica Johnson and sons - 416 Unimog
Mike Kinsey - 710M Pinzgauer


Wednesday we split up the group. The pinzgauers wanted to do Golden Spike, and I had never done all of Poison Spider Mesa, so Eric Johnson graciously offered to lead the Golden Spike group. They got an early start, knowing that this trail makes for a very long day, no matter how quickly the traffic flows.


**Wednesday: Poison Spider / Golden Spike
The Pinzgauer guys and I wanted to take on a tougher trail, so we chose Golden Spike on Wednesday, since there wasn't a safari group on it that day. Although the whole family had been with me up til now, only Forest dared the Spike with me. Since this trail is very long and can be difficult, we got away early - leaving camp around 8:00 am. This is a long arduous trail for me, but the obstacles are great and the scenery is so fantastic that I have to do it at least every other year. For leading the Pinzgauer group on the trail, I was named an "Honorary Pinzer".

We got through the Poison Spider portion of the trail pretty quickly, arriving at the Launching Pad around 10:00. After cresting the top of the Launching Pad, Brian noticed something weird with the front axle on the 6x6 and we stopped to take a look. Apparently, there is a big bolt that locates the end of the axle in the swing housing. This bolt had fallen out somewhere, allowing the axle to twist at a weird angle. We jacked the front up and twisted the axle back where it belonged and rigged a socket in there to keep it from twisting. The repair proved adequate for the rest of the day's activities.

About half way to the Golden Crack, we were going across some ledges and heard someone yell "MAY DAY" on the CB. There was a lot of chatter on the radio and I though someone was just joking. Just after that, Paul came on and let us know that Douwe had tipped his Pinzgauer on its side coming over one of the ledges. Luckily, nobody was injured. Apparently, the limited articulation of the swing axles on the Pinzgauer make them go over a little easier than I would have thought if you drop off a ledge on an angle and steer away from the wheel that drops first.

We got the Pinz righted with a strap and several human bodies pulling. Try that with a mog! The only real damage was the windshield and frame and some boxes on the left side were tweaked. It started right up and we continued up to the overlook to do trailside repairs.

At the overlook, we could see a pretty good storm rolling in, so we continued on. We got a pretty good deluge, making me very thankful for the hardtop and heater. Traction remained pretty good even with water pouring over the rocks. The weather cleared up just as we reached the Golden Crack. There was a line to cross the Crack, so we got out and watched the action before we crossed. There was a group of guys from Wyoming or Montana who offered some counterweight for the Pinzs so they could cross the crack.

At the Golden Steps, there was an Xterra group who had passed us earlier in the day. One of them from New Jersey had rolled all the way over off the Golden Steps. They were in the process of jacking the roof back up so you could see out and kind of close the door. It was getting late in the afternoon, so after offering help which they declined, we drove up and passed them on the steps.

After the steps we were doing some route finding and Brian tipped the 6x6 on its side driving through a deep crack. Similar circumstances to the earlier tipover, but with less damage. We played a little on Double Whammy - Brian walked right up, I didn't make it this year although I did dump my cooler out the back in the attempt. Park did the most amazing pogo stick imitation trying to get the 710 up it. After he and I gave up on this, we got back on the trail and moved along the Gold Bar Rim portion of the trail. We got down to the Gooney Bird just as dusk was coming. This is about as close as I have come to coming out of the Golden Spike before dark.

Brett Pickering arrived in camp sometime during the morning, so he went with Kent, Ron, and Greg on Poison Spider a little later. Since it is up on the same plateau as Golden Spike, we were able to converse via CB for a good part of the day. This proved helpful as we could compare notes with them as the weather got bad.

Wednesday night, Scott Ingham's mother provided finger foods to snack on. Greg held a great auction that was a lot of fun, low turnout notwithstanding. The important thing is the costs were covered, several mog vendors pitched in, and everyone had a good time.

Greg Maiser:

We would have had some carnage awards, but the Pinz folks opted not to participate in Wednesday night's get together.

Wednesday night was the much anticipated Mogs at Moab Auction. And let me tell you, even with the incompetent auctioneer (that would be me) I'm told that it was a great time for everyone - the supporting dealers went all out this year, as you'll see below. This is a LONG list, and I'm only recalling the highlights! (So please forgive me if I missed anyone/anything...)

The major item auction winners:

Items donated by Sean Philyaw (EuroTruck-Importers.com)
Unimog Driving School DVD:
- Eric Johnson
Unimog Driving School Hardcover Book (2!):
- Brett Pickering, Scott Ingham
Team Unimog T-Shirts
- Kent Drummond, Ron DePugh, Eric Johnson,
Brent Pickering, Liz (?) (Guest of Brent)
Tyson Pfenneberger (Sorry if I spelled it wrong, Tyson!)
Scott Ingham, Rob Ingham

Items donated bt Scott Ingham (Expedition-Importers.com)
404 temperature gauge (NEW!)
- Jon (?) from Coyote Unimog Tours
Shielded Distributor cap
- Ron DePugh
Distributor cap adpter plate (and Bosch cap)
- John Marshall (Coyote)
404 Fuel Filter - Kent
404 Chassis Parts manual - John
Wiper blade adapters - John
404 Valve Cover Gasket - John (Are we seeing a trend yet?)
Blackout Headlight Covers - Tyson
404 Fender steps (Swiss style) - Kent
404 Fuel Pump rebuild kit - John
H4 Headlight bulbs (pair!) - Ron
COndenser and points - John
And a number of other neat items from Scott.

Jim Ince of Eurotech-Services.com sent a bunch of very popular items, including:
The beautiful "Neu Grosse Unimog Buch" - Ron
"Unimog" nameplate - John
"Mercedes Benz" plate - John
Mercedes hood ornament - Dare I say it? (John again)
Unimog Hat - Scott Ingham
As well as several other nice items.

Mark Hagendorff of UltraSpecialTees.com sent up some cool Unimog hats and themed shirts, and I think almost everyone got one or more of these items!

Dana Stickley sent some really gorgeous handmade frames filled with Unimog prints. Two of these were won by Brett Pickering, and the last one by Chris Maiser.

Jack Russell sent several 'bundles' of the Unimog magazine (won by several differnt people) as well as a couple of the Parts CDs for 416 (Brent from New Mexico) and the 406 (UNCLAIMED - STILL AVAILABLE!)

Brian Norton donated the DVD vesion of the 3 Unimog Vidoes (2000, 2001, 2002) which was won by Greg Maiser.

Dr. Dan Johnson sent down a set of step rings (Tyson) and other miscellaneous items.

I'm sure there was more, but I'm going to call it a night.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and special thanks to the kind and generous folks who contributed.


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