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Mogs at Moab 2000

April 14th - 21st, 2000 - Moab, Utah, USA

The weather.
This was the view out of my windshield on the way to Moab, on Saturday,
April 15th, 2000. It was just after I had driven through my 4th snow storm of the day...

Trip report:

Once again, Kai Serrano organized a great Unimog event, in Moab, Utah.
Some of the Rocky Mountain Moggers were there, as well as
Moggers from all over the country. A lot of us stayed at the

   Slickrock campground.   
For a look at the trails around Moab,

   click here.   

The Participants were (in alphabetical order):
Click on any of these small pictures to see them full size.
Brad's Unimog is
still being restored.

Brad & Mary Beesley,
El Segundo, California USA
(no picture yet)

Mark Belcher
Austin, Texas USA
1970 404.1 German ex-radiobox Pritsche
Bill Caid & Kathleen Jones
San Diego, California USA
Bill Caid & Kathleen Jones
San Diego, California USA
1957 411

Scott Clements
Jay didn't bring a Unimog with him...

Jay Couch
Denver, Colorado USA
Ron DePugh
Boulder, Colorado USA
1963 404.1 VLF
Alan's Unimog is under construction.

Alan Draper
La Verne, California USA
404 Hardcab Swiss
Kent Drummond
Cheyenne, Wyoming USA
1963 404.1 Hardcab-Swiss
404 Swiss
Bill & Sherry Gibbens
Laramie, Wyoming USA
404.1 Swiss
404 Troop
Doug Hayduk & Kay Fielding
Cave Creek, Arizona USA
1962 404.1 troop carrier
404 Crew cab
Dan Johnson
Indiana USA
404.1 Crewcab softtop
Eric's Unimog is almost complete,
after an engine tranplant.

Eric & Jessica Johnson
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Kelvin's Unimog suffered an engine
failure on the way to Moab.

Kelvin, Ross & Max Kurkowski
Grant, Nebraska USA
404 Rock Crawler
David & Susanne Lopez
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
1962 404.1
(no picture yet)

Kerry Manning
Fort Collins, Colorado USA
1968 404.1 softtop
(no picture yet)

Bob McKuen

Rokon 2WD Motorcycle
Ron's Unimog also suffered
a breakdown on the way to Moab..

Ron McLaughlin
Cedar Falls, Iowa USA
416 Expedition
Bob & Wiley Newsome
Cody, Wyoming USA
1977 416 Expedition
Brian has traded his Unimog
in on a Pinzgauer.

Brian Norton
Grand Junction, Colorado USA
404 Crew cab Turbo Diesel
Rob Pickering
La Junta, Colorado USA
1961 404.1 Crewcab Turbo Diesel
Chuck Presnail & Krissy
Sacramento, California USA
Suzuki Samurai clak clak clak...
404 Moglite
Bob & Dale Ragain
Littleton, Colorado USA
1957 404.1 Moglite
Dirk didn't bring a Unimog.

Dirk Rautenberg
Port Orchard, Washington USA
404 Radio truck
Duane Russell
Castle Rock, Colorado USA
1964 404.1 Radio mog
404 PLF
Chris Serfustini
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
404.1 PLF Swiss Airport
Fire truck
416 Crew cab Moomog
Kai, Tina & Parker Serranno
San Diego, California USA
416 Crewcab Moomog2
(no picture yet)

John Smetana
Grand Junction, Colorado USA
1966 404.1 Crewcab
404 Cargo
John Wessels
Merced, California USA
Dan J's 404.1 Cargo
Chris WIllsey
Kansas USA
Dan & John Wulfman
Grand Junction, Colorado USA

Indiana USA
I probably left someone out of this list...
Please let me know who, and I'll be sure to correct the oversight. -Ron DePugh

Unimog Central
Kai provided a huge tent that was Unimog Central.

Inside Unimog Central
We had meetings in the tent, and watched some fine videos, too.

Trip reports
   Saturday, April 15th, 2000 - Hell's Revenge   
   Sunday, April 16th, 2000 - The Moab Rim Trail   
   Monday, April 17th, 2000 - Pritchett Canyon   
   Tuesday, April 18th, 2000 - Metal Masher group   
   Tuesday, April 18th, 2000 - Shaefer Trail group   
   Wednesday, April 19th, 2000 - Poison Spider/Golden Spike   
   Thursday, April 20th, 2000 - Kane Creek trail   

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