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Mogs at Moab 2000

April 17th, 2000 - Pritchett Canyon, Moab, Utah, USA

Kai & Tina & Parker Serrano in the MooMog 416 Doka.
Rob Pickering & friends in the 300TD 404.1 crewcab.
Bill Caid & Kathleen Jones in the U1300 cargo.
John Wessels in the 404.1 troop carrier.
Kent Drummond in the 404.1 Hard cab Swiss cargo.
Bob Ragain in MogLite, the 404.1 flatbed.
Bill & Sherry Gibbens in the 404.1 cargo.
Dan Johnson in the red Doka 404.1.
Chuck Presnail in the Suzuki Samarai.
Ron DePugh in the 404.1 VLF.
Don Wulfman started on the trail in the U1550 Doka, but at the first shelf in the road, we realized that he would have mashed his side steps and fuel tanks, so he turned back.
Trip report - page 1:

On Monday, April 17th, we ran Pritchett Canyon. We had 10 trucks, all Unimogs except one.

Moving Rocks.
Here, at the beginning of Pritchett Canyon, is the first obstacle. This shelf is a pretty good drop-off, and can be very tippy. We all pitched in to help pile some rocks up to help even things out. Kai's MooMog led the way.

Rob's Turbo Mog.
Rob sizes up the drop-off, with plenty of good spottng.

On the rocks.
Rob makes the drop. Each Mog scattered the rocks we had piled up, so we had to keep restacking the rocks.

Bill's 1300.
Bill C. lines up, with Kai spotting. Kai did an enormous amount of work, as usual, making sure everyone made it through the obstacles.

Down the hill.
Bill always makes the tough spots look easy. The crawler gears do help.

The rest of the group awaits their turn.

Bob's MogLite heads on up the trail.

Bill G. did very well on this trail.

Dan J. heads around the rock to the drop-off,

and makes it down OK. Dan is running 16.5 rims with Super Swampers.

Kent also makes a clean run.

John on the drop, another Unimog with Super Swampers.

And finally, Ron D.'s VLF. Being the only Unimog on the trail with a box made me a little nervous...

Once we were down in the bottom of the canyon, we encountered a few steep climbs. Rob tackles this one with his Turbo Diesel Mog.

and Bill C's U1300 made it up easily.

John also cleared it, with the help of a strategically placed rock.

-Ron DePugh

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