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Mogs at Moab 2000

Kane Springs Canyon/Chicken Corners Trail, Moab, Utah, USA - April 20th, 2000

Thursday, we drove up Kane Springs Canyon to Chicken Corners.
Participants (in alphabetical order):
Bill Caid & Kathleen Jones in the U1300 cargo.
Ron DePugh in the 404.1 VLF.
Kent Drummond in the 404.1 Hard cab Swiss cargo.
Bill & Sherry Gibbens in the 404.1 cargo.
Dan Johnson in the red Doka 404.1.
David & Suzanne Lopez in the 404.1 flatbed.
Bob McKuen brought his Rokon 2WD motorcycle.
Bob & Wiley Newsome in the 416 Expedition.
Rob Pickering in the 404.1 Turbo Diesel crewcab.
Bob Ragain in MogLite, the 404.1 flatbed.
Duane Russell in the 404.1 Radio truck.
Kai & Tina & Parker Serrano in the MooMog 416 Doka.

Trip report:

Thursday, we decided to do a sightseeing trip up Kane Springs Canyon a ways, and then we turned off on the Chicken Corners Trail.

We stopped near the bottom of the canyon to see a large rock with a lot of petroglyphs on it.

We stopped for a break after we reached the top of the mesa. You can see for miles down Kane Springs Canyon.

The Unimogs gathered at the top of the mesa.

The trail at this point changes from dirt to rock.

We took a break for lunch at an overlook over the river. Several people took turns riding Bob McKuen's Rokon 2-wheel-drive motorcycle.

To the west, the Colorado River carves its way down into the canyons.

The furthest part of the Chicken Corners trail is a foot path. Here, you have to squeeze past these cliffs.

The road has a number of cliff-hangers.

This was the last trail I ran at Mogs at Moab 2000. Some of the Moggers stayed another day or two. If anyone wants to contribute any more trip reports, please let me know.

-Ron DePugh

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