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Mogs at Moab 2000

Shaefer/White Rim Trail, Moab, Utah, USA - April 18th, 2000

Tuesday, the Moggers split into two groups. This group ran the Shaefer and White Rim trails, and the other group went to run Metal Masher.
Participants (in alphabetical order):
Bill Caid & Kathleen Jones in the U1300 cargo.
Ron DePugh in the 404.1 VLF.
Duane Russell in the 404.1 Radio box.
Bob Ragain in MogLite, the 404.1 flatbed.
Bob & Wylie Newsome in the 416 Doka Expedition.
Kent Drummond came along as a passenger.

Trip report:

This trip was not to be a difficult, challenging trail, but rather a day of sight-seeing for those of us with the larger, heavier Unimogs. We drove out on the west side of the Colorado River, and took the turn up Long's Canyon. We weren't sure Bob's Expedition would fit through the tunnel, but it did, barely. Long's is a very steep, sandy canyon, and the gasoline Unimogs took a little longer to climb it than the Diesel one's. When we arrived on top of the mesa, we were just in time to meet up with a snow storm! Large flakes came down as we took refuge in the visitors center of the park.

When the snow let up a little, we drove out to the overlook.

The view of the Colorado River far below. You can also see part of the White Rim Trail. After the brief snowstorm, the weather relented, and it warmed up quite a bit.

The beginning of the Schaefer Trail. The road follows the shelf at the top of the sheer wall. If you look closely, you can see a Jeep on the road.

Bob relaxes on one of the cap rocks. The road down in the canyon is the Schaefer Trail on it's way to join the White Rim Trail.

Here is where the Schaefer trail makes many switchbacks down through the cliffs.

A hard layer of rock on top of a softer layer helps create these "HooDoo's". These rock formations are along the White Rim Trail.

Duane takes a stroll on a natural bridge created by the same hard layer of rock. That's a long way down!

After visiting the natural bridge, we turned back toward Moab. The road ran through a canyon, and we stopped for a photo opportunity.

Bob's N's Expedition and Bob R's Moglite.

Bob N's Expedition, Bill C's U1300 and my VLF. Duane's Radiobox Mog is hiding behind my Mog.

We stopped at one of the river overlooks. Kent checks out the edge.

The Unimogs.

-Ron DePugh

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