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Mogs at Moab 2001

April 11th, 2001 - Top of the World and Rose Garden Hill, Moab, Utah, USA

This day, we drove up to the Top of the World, and returned via Rose Garden Hill.

Attendees were Bob and Colleen Ragain, Kent Drummond, Bob, Sandy and Wiley Newsome, Eric Johnson and family, and Ron DePugh.

Makin Mini Mogs?.
Before we left camp this morning, Rob Pickering and David Lopez stopped by for a chat. Rob proved that you don't need an articulation ramp when you have a Unimog. We were wondering if any Unimog 411's would come out of this..
We left Moab, and followed the paved road along the Colorado River until we got to the old Dewey bridge. 30 years ago, it was the only bridge here, and it was a scary crossing on that old wooden bridge. It is now closed to vehicles, and has been replaced by a new concrete bridge across the Colorado River. We left the paved road at this point, and followed the dirt road up towards Top of the World. Dewey Bridge.
The side road up to Top of the World is a very rough rocky road. We stopped for a break on the way up.
Once we got to the top, we parked and got out our lunch. Top of the World parking.
Canyon View.
The view down into the canyons from the Top of the World is incredible..
This is the view looking straight down from the edge of the cliff. View down.
and the view off into the distance goes for miles and miles.
Here is a picture with some people in it for a better perspective. Perspective.
Snowy Mountains.
The view off to the snowy mountains in the distance.
There was a crack in the rock at the edge of the cliff. This is the view looking straight down. Crack in the rock.
Another view into the canyons below.
After our lunch stop, we headed on towards Rose Garden Hill. Trail to Rose Garden Hill.
Rose Garden Hill.
This is Rose Garden Hill. It is so steep in some parts that it's hard to stand up on it. Rose Garden Hill is part of the Kokopelli trail.
Once we got down from Rose Garden Hill, the road straightens out for a while, and heads on towards Onion Creek. Onion Creek.
Windy road.
Near the bottom of Onion Creek, it starts winding through the rocks and cliffs, and crosses the creek 27 times..
We finally got to the pavement, and stopped to air up the tires again. Air up.

Ater airing up, we headed into town for some dinner.

Thanks to Kent Drummond for some of the photos!

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