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Mogs at Moab 2001

April 10th, 2001 - Fins and Things, Moab, Utah, USA

Today, the trail was Fins and Things.

Attendees were Bob and Colleen Ragain, Kent Drummond and Graham, Bob, Sandy and Wiley Newsome, Eric Johnson and family, and Ron DePugh.

Airing down.
As we got started on the trail, we stopped to air down.
There are a lot up steep ups and downs on this trail. Bob climbs this one with the Expedition. Bob N.
Eric's 416 Doka.
Eric's 416 Dola makes short work of this climb.
We all pulled over.. Pull over.
Valley view.
..to take in the view up the canyon.
We got lots of more practice climbing these steep hills. Steep hills.
More hills.
But the Mogs had no trouble with them. The clouds were moving in, and threatening a storm.
Kent Drummond tackles one of the steepest climbs.. Kent climbs.
Kent's Mog.
Kent's Unimog at the bottom of a descent.
Ron descends the same hill. It feels like you are standing on the dashboard when you come down one of these hills. Ron's Mog descends.
Bob R's Mog.
Here's a better view of how steep some of these trails are. Bob R's MogLite makes the descent.
We stopped for another break. Break time.
Rock formations.
After we finished Fins and Things, Ron, Colleen, Kent and Graham took another trail, the lower part of Porquepine Rim. Those threatening clouds did produce some rain, but not enough to cause us any trouble.

Thanks to Kent Drummond for some of the photos!

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