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Mogs at Moab 2001

April 9th, 2001 - Seven Mile Rim, Moab, Utah, USA

This day, we tackled the Seven Mile Rim road.

Attendees were Bob and Colleen Ragain, Kent Drummond and Maughn Lee, Bob, Sandy and Wiley Newsome, and Ron DePugh.

These are a couple of buttes out near the canyon rim. Buttes.
We stopped at the canyon rim..
..for a break and.. Mogs.
Canyon view.
..to take in the view of the canyon below. Kent takes a closer look.
There is an arch below the cliff. Arch.
Bob R.
Bob Ragain checking out the view. The road below is route 191 that goes into Moab.
The view to the south, with rock formations on the canyon rim. View.
Uranium Arch.
We found Uranium Arch and did some hiking around the area,
A slightly different view, with Bob and Colleen on the arch. This gives a better idea of how far down it is to the valley below. Uranium Arch.
Uranium Arch.
and another view of the arch from the other side.
Next we drove up between the Monitor and Merrimac buttes. This one is Merrimac butte. Merrimac butte.
Monitor butte.
and this is Monitor butte.
We followed the trail on around behind Monitor butte. Trail.
Tippy trail.
This trail gets pretty tippy in places. A bunch of us served as a counter-weight for Bob's Expedition.
We headed on out the trail toward the Determination Towers. Towers.
The Determination Towers are a popular rock-climber's destination.
The trail comes out in a creek bed. We stopped for another break here before heading back to camp. Stop.

Thanks to Kent Drummond for some of the photos!

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