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Here is the winch mounted on the truck it came from, a 404.0 Firetruck.
Photo courtesy of Scott Ingham

Here is the 1st casting where it is broken. This photo was with a flash, so it is a little washed out.

This is the the same spot, without the flash. It shows the real colors better.

This is the place where the casting on the other side is broken. It is between the drum and the gear box. This is looking down from the top of the winch.

A side view of the winch, the gearbox side. The lever at the bottom is for the forward and reverse shift cable. The cable goes to a lever to be mounted in the cab.

View from behind and above the winch.

Right side of the winch from behind.

Front of the winch. You can see the fairlead rollers and the end of the cable. Under the cover is the cable spooling device.

A closer look at the fairleads.

The worm gear housing with the forward/reverse shift lever.

A view of the spool of cable, and the spooling device.

The overload clutch. The PTO shaft inserts in here.

The double u-joints in front of the overload clutch.

A view of the spooler from behind.


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