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RMM Trip Report

1st annual
Rocky Mountain Moggers
in Wyoming

June 5th - 7th, 1998

The Rocky Mountain Mogger's Spring Outing to the Pole Mountain area in Wyoming was an enormous success !!! Thanks to Kent for all of his hard work and planning. The camp site was excellent, the trail runs were exciting and challenging, and the scenery was outstanding. Kent thought of all the details, and a great time was had by all.

Many of the Moggers arrived on Friday, and were greeted by a late spring snow/sleet storm. I was fortunate enough to arrive after the snow stopped, but it was still fairly cold (oh, I know, this wasn't cold for you Wyoming residents...). There was a couple of inches of frozen stuff on the ground.

After a snug night in the VLF, we had a leisurely breakfast, and visited with all of the other Unimogs and folks. Then we got the wagons in a row, and headed out for a trail ride. Kent had picked out a route with several challenging obstacles. The rocks were pretty tough, but all of the Unimogs and the Pinzgauer made short work of them. We had some fun in the mud holes, especially Klaus !!! We had a lunch break (photo above), and tackled some more dirt roads. After the trail ride, we took a break at the Lincoln rest area, and then went back to camp. Klaus spent hours cooking up a batch of his famous Goulash, and we all had a bowl, while we watched Unimog videos (powered by Darrin's generator) next to the campfire.

After a much warmer Saturday night, we were joined on Sunday by the smallest Unimog in the group, the Christensen's 1953 2010. We did another trail ride, through a very scenic part of the Pole Mountain area. We headed back to camp, and packed up to head home. The only casualties for the weekend were 1 flat tire, 1 broken windshield, and a dead alternator.

Attendees (in no particular order): Unimogs present:
Kent Drummond 404 Hardcab Swiss bed
Ron Miller 404 Hardcab Radiobox
Ron Miller Sr.  
Ron DePugh & Cassidy 404 VLF
Bob & Sandy Newsome & Wiley 416 Crewcab Expedition
Chuck Presnail  
Klaus Schambeck 416 Crewcab
Jim Walters & Christine Wolf 404 Camo Radiobox
Mario Larouche & Kimbrell  
Pete Rawson  
Bob & Kitty & Colleen Ragain 404 Camo Radiobox
Dan Duncan & Donna Martin 404 Radiobox
Kristopher Dichtl 404 Swiss cargo
Per Eliason & Pinzgauer
Brett Pickering 404 Radiobox
Rob Pickering 404 Hardcab/ Swiss bed
Darrin & Andie Fink 404 Radiobox & 404 Swiss cargo
Bernard Gateau U1200
Dirk Rautenberg  
Chad Smith 404 Rockcrawler
Bill Collister 404 Radiobox
Charles & Robert Christensen 2010 Unimog
Charles Martin 404 Radiobox
Nate Cervantes  
Brian Norton  
Neil Creeden  

Kent supplied the firewood for the campsite. Here is his newly acquired hardtop Unimog with the Swiss cargo bed.

The start of Saturday's trail ride. Kent led the way.

The first major obstacle was some large rocks. Here, Per is taking the right-hand route through the rocks. The Unimogs line up for their turn.

Mario is driving Kristopher's Swiss Mog, with Kristopher and Kimbrell as co-pilots.

Per, driving the Pinzgauer, chose a more challenging route. Even with two tires in the air, the Pinzgauer pulled through. It is a very capable vehicle, and a bit more nimble than a 404.

Dan D's Radio truck shows the extreme side angle that the rocks created.

Bob's 416 expedition had a little more difficulty with the rocks due to his two large fuel tanks.It still handles the angles very well.

Rob & Brett's hardtop Mog makes it through with ease.

Bernard's U1200 takes to the rocks. Notice the right-hand drive.

Another obstacle was a large mud hole where we had to cross a stream. Here is Klaus and his 416 Crewcab on approach...

Klaus' 416 coming through the big mud hole.

Bob's 416 Expedition tackles the mud.

Dan D makes the crossing.

Per's Pinzgauer on the dirt road. Check the ground clearance.

On Sunday, Robert & Charlie Christensen brought thier 1953 2010 Unimog. It has a 4-cylinder 25hp Diesel.

Klaus took it for a spin.

The youngest Unimog driver, enjoying himself enormously. Kimbrell Larouche at the wheel of a Radio truck.

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