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Bob Ragain's 1957 404.1Frenchie - Moglite

Truck info:
MogLite is a 1957 Unimog 404, French Army until 1992, stationed in Germany all it's life.

Shortly after being sold by the French in 1992, the truck couldn't be started. It ended up in a salvage yard in Germany. The bed was removed and a few parts were cannibalized. Many other disfunctional trucks were parked around it, and there it sat, rusting, for 7-8 years. I had the opportunity to buy it from Dirk Rautenburg at a very good price as a 'project' truck. If problems with the truck were too severe it would become a parts truck. In either case, this was my opportunity to take apart a 404 Unimog and see how it was made!

After arrival in Littleton, the engine was started, sounded reasonably functional, and a bad clutch was diagnosed. The tranny and running gear seemed to be ok. The truck was stripped down to the frame and most parts (including complete cab) were sand blasted, repainted, and reassembled. The brake system was cleaned and bad parts replaced. Every reservoir was drained, flushed, and filed with regular 75W90 lube for "re-break-in" (and was replaced later with Amsoil 75W90 synthetic). A new clutch assembly was installed and components like starter, generator, fuel pump, carb, etc, were disassembled, checked and/or rebuilt. That work took about a year.

I wanted to build a special bed so having no bed at the time of purchase was not an issue, and actually made shipping easier. The bed construction is still underway so this page will have updates for some time.

Keep weight down and maintain low center of gravity
No restriction to frame flexing
Smaller than normal bed, both in width and length
Bed not to flex (to allow carrying camper body, etc)
ROPS system which will not restrict articulation of frame or
significantly reduce ability to pass trailside trees, rocks, etc.
Good balance of the truck when supported only on wheels on opposite
Centrally mounted (frame mount) winch with access front and rear
Easy winch access for clearing cable problems

Wide view from right front.

Wide view from right rear.

Rear view: Rear flexing mount for bed, bed based on boxed sections
for strength and bed rigidity. Winch cable exits left of pintel hook.
The 3 turnaround and cable guide blocks are not installed.

A closeup view of the rear pulleys.

View looking rearward from above the winch.

Closeup view of winch mount and bracing to rear bed crossmember.

View looking down at mid-bed mounted winch.

Side view of the middle flex mount.

View of front rigid bed mount.

View of winch mount from rear of bed.

A closeup view of the front pulleys.

3-point winch mount.

Clutch lever attachment.

Deck lids closed.

Deck winch.

Deck winch.

Deck winch rotating fairlead.

Deck Winch Overview.

Front fairlead pair.

Moggy Dog at 3 months.

Storage boxes open.

Three rear rollers.

Winch closeup.

Winch clutch lever.

Greenback, Tennessee USA

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