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Unimog Radio box wiring

Wiring diagrams of the Unimog 404.1 Radio box.

Small voltage regulator, Radio box charge controller

Unimog Radio box small regulator diagram

Starting the Unimog activates voltage on the #61 terminals.
As engine speed increases, voltage on the #61 terminal increases.
The Red GEN lamp brightness is proportional to the difference between the #61 terminal and the B+ terminal voltages.
The B+ terminal is at the truck system voltage level, 26-28 VDC anytime the key is on and the DC switch is on.

When voltage on the #61 terminal is high enough, the fine wire relay in the controller closes, supplying voltage to the Radio box via contact closure. If the current goes too high, the heavy coil reverses polarization and drops out the relay.

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Thanks to Bob Ragain for the info and diagram. (More to come later...)

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