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Bosch Injection Pumps, Governors & Injectors as used on Diesel Unimogs

Both the injection pump and governor have their own identification tags.
The Bosch numbers provide a variety of information.

Looking at a typical U 900 with a 353.902 motor you will find:

Injection nozzles: DLLA 150 S 187
Nozzle holders: KDAL 74 S
Injection pump: PES 6 A 80 C 410 RS 2085 X
Governor: RSV 350...1300 A 2 B 1052D
What do these numbers mean?

Injection nozzles:
DL = A hole type nozzle, one that sprays fuel through several holes in the tip of the nozzle body
L = Indicates a "long" nozzle
A = A code indicating details of nozzle design (4 hole, 5 hole, etc..)
150 = Spray pattern in degrees, 150°
S = Nozzle shoulder diameter code. It must match the shoulder diameter of the nozzle holder. The sizes are: P = 14mm, R = 16mm, S = 17mm, T = 22mm, U = 30mm, V = 42mm, W = 50mm
187 = Application information code for Bosch use

Nozzle Holder:
KD = All MB 300 series diesel motors use the KD style holder. This is identified by having a separate pressure screw (gland nut). The important designation is the letter code after the numeric identifier. In this case “S”. It must match the shoulder diameter code of actual nozzle.

Injection pump:
PE = An inline injection pump with integral camshaft
S = With flange type mounting. (base or cradle mount pumps are identified as PE only)
6 = Number of high pressure outlets
A = Pump size. Indicates an "A" size pump. As used by Bosch the term "size" is less indicative of actual size, than design characteristics. The word “model” is probably more accurate. 352/353 engines all have “A” series pumps. Early 366 motors will also have this pump, it was subsequently replaced by the heavier “MW” series pump. The larger 355 motors used with some rear engined snow blower systems use the "P" series pump.
80 = Plunger diameter in tenths of a mm. i.e. an 8.0 mm plunger
C = Design change code, in this case the third design. A= 1, B= 2, C= 3, D= 4, etc..
410 = Construction information; location of fuel transfer (feed) pump and governor.
R = Direction of rotation when facing the drive end of the pump. R = right hand (clockwise) rotation. L = left hand (counter clockwise) rotation.
S 2085 X = Bosch code for application and usage of the pump

RS = Governor type (RS = tractor type, RQ = vehicular type
V = Variable (all speed) governing.
350 = Low idle pump speed. (one half engine speed, or 700 rpm idle)
... = An additional designator for variable speed governing. A / (slash) in this position indicates minimum and maximum governing only.
1300 = Full load, rated speed. Pump rpm at maximum engine speed under full load. (one half of engine speed, or 2600 rpm )
A = The injection pump "size" this governor is intended for use with
2 B = Design change code. B = second version
1005 D = Bosch code for application and usage of governor

Thanks to Jack Russell for providing this info!

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