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Gillespie Gulch, near Boulder, Colorado, USA - July 30th, 2000

Ron DePugh - 1963 404.1 Unimog VLF
Kristopher & Ruslana Dichtel - 1963 404.1 Swiss Unimog
Duane Russell & Fritz Stube - 1964 404.1 Unimog Radio Box
Bob Ragain - 1957 404.1 Unimog "Moglite"

We all met in north Boulder, and drove up Lee Hill Road to Stage Coach Road and followed it up and over the hill to Lefthand Canyon. We went left up Lefthand Canyon. and then took a right turn into James Canyon, and once we got to Jamestown, we took a left turn up Gillespie Gulch.

Kristopher's Mog
This is Kristopher's Mog. We stopped here to air down the tires.

Kristopher's Mog
This is Ron's VLF.

Kristopher's Mog
This is Bob's French Mog. Notice the neat tilt-out windsheild.

Kristopher's Mog
This is Duane's Radio Box Mog.

Kristopher's Mog
There was a tree hanging over the road. I thought it looked dangerous, since there was only a tiny branch holding it up. We threw a rope over it, and gave a little tug, and the tree fell. It a good thing no one was under it. We pulled it clear of the road, and continued on our way, but not before harvesting some of the wild rasberries growing next to the road. We stopped for lunch at a wide spot in the road, and found an old mine tunnel.

Kristopher's Mog
After climbing up through the steep part of the gulch, we came to the top of the ridge, and found about 25 Jeeps from the Mile High Jeep club having lunch.

Kristopher's Mog
We continued on along the ridge until we came to the end of the road. We stopped to look at the view, and to give the Jeep club a chance to arrive, so we wouldn't have trouble passing on the narrow road.

Kristopher's Mog
Even though it was a hazy day, the view from on top to the east was impressive.

Kristopher's Mog
The view to the west was pretty good, too. A few minutes later, a bunch of Jeeps showed up, and everyone wanted to look over the Unimogs. There was a lot of visiting and question answering.

Kristopher's Mog
We headed back down to town.

-Ron DePugh

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