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Rocky Mountain Moggers 2000 Gathering
Owens Lake, Wyoming, USA - June 9th - 11th, 2000
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Trip report:

On Friday, a group of us rendezvous'd near Fort Collins, and convoyed up to Laramie.


There are many long hills between Fort Collins and Laramie on Highway 287, and we had a number of vapor lock incidents, mostly with the Mogs from the Denver area. On the way, we took a break at an overlook to see the Laramie valley.

In Laramie, we stopped for lunch. While we eating, Darrin and Andie showed up, and had some lunch, too. It was quite a sight, 7 Unimogs all in one parking lot. Then, we fueled up on the way out of town, and convoyed out to the campground. Ron Miller led the way.

This is the view from the campground out over Lake Owen. It is a beautiful place to camp.

I picked a spot with a view of the lake.

Here is Ron Miller's Unimog tucked into the woods, and Robert and Charlie Christensen's Crewcab behind Kent Drummond's Pritsche.

We had some uninvited guests. A couple of black bears roamed into camp. Fortunately, they were still afraid of humans, and ran away when we chased them. The amazing thing is that none of the trash cans in the campground had bear-proof lids on them.

Charlis, Darrin & Andie's dog, takes a look around at camp. This is Darrin's 300 Turbo-Diesel conversion.

-Ron DePugh

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