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October 30th, 1999 - Slaughter House trail, Colorado

A few brave souls showed up for the impromptu trail ride last Saturday known as the Other Slaughter House. Other than me, Al and Steve/Jan, and Co., showed up at the Jamestown Firehouse at 10:00. After talking to one of the town Fireman (They want a Pinzgauer for emergency response). We headed up the James Creek road.

We never did actually get on the Slaughter House trail as it was closed. Time has not been the best friend of this trail as it seems most of the dirt has washed away and left behind the rocks. Parts of the road were washed out and had been filled in with rocks. We even ran into a group of Jeeps that were up there to work on the road. After crossing James creek (only about 6 inches of water so no test) we all stopped at the meadow for our first break. Tops were rolled up and coats came off as it was turning into a beautiful day.

We continued up the James Creek road and over the ruts (some about 3 feet deep) but it was dry and there were no problems. This could be real fun if it was muddy ?? Reaching the top of the first hill out trip leader managed to take a wrong turn and we headed down the wrong road for about 10 minutes. (HEY I said it had been a while). We turned around and continued on the correct trail. Over MORE rocks, (did I mention it was rocky up there?) and up onto the ridge where we saw windshields reflecting from the top on the hill. A CB call indicated there were a couple Ford Explorers and a couple Toyota's up there. It turns out they were all built to the hilt and here we were in our stock Pinzgauers.(HA).

We continued over to the bottom of the little hill (The Playground) and waited for the vehicles to come down off the top. Even the guys in the BUILT vehicles went gaga over the Pinz's. We walked down and looked at the South road off of the playground and decided to leave it for another day. Erosion and traffic have turned it into 3 foot drop off of solid rock and one slip would not make for a fun day as it goes straight down the side of the mountain. We did head up the little hill and to a view point where you can only see about 200 miles to the East. The hill was fun as it is about a 45 degree climb in spots, with ruts and rocks. Did I mention ROCKS?

After the Photo op up on top we headed back down (I swear the windshield was only a few inches from the ground in spots, It felt that way) the little hill and down Gilespy (sp?) gulch. This is a very steep, rutted, rocky (again, Still) trail and to top it off it was covered with ICE in a few spots. On the way down Al showed us all just how far a Pinz can be pushed when he went over this one hill and I swear he had both rear tires in the air for a little bit. The Pinz and Al both survived and did put on one heck of a show. From there it was basically bouncing over the rocks and back into Jamestown where we all headed off down Left Hand Canyon and home.

Thank you all for showing up and making this a great outdoor day. What amazing creatures these Pinzgauers are and this is a good road to prove that.

-Marc Lomax

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