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Trip Report - September 19th, 1998

This trip of the Rocky Mountain Moggers took us to the Jackson Creek area which is located southwest of Denver in the foothills of the Rockies.

This is a convenient (less than an hour from south Denver) but little known offroad area, a lesser-used part of the Rampart Range ORV area. It's common to spend a day up there and see very few other 4x4 vehicles.

Our entry point into the area was at Jackson Creek Road off of Hwy 105, south of Sedalia, CO. We crossed Jackson Creek at the little settlement called Shamballah Ashrama, with a plan to take sidetrips to an abandoned quartz quarry (but didn't make it, see below) and to Watson Park, then to proceed south and intersect Rampart Range Road, turn north, and return to Hwy 67 west of Sedalia.

This RMM trailride was well attended. We had 4 Unimogs (Rodger Greer's Swiss, Kristopher Dichtl's bed-less Swiss, Tyson's Swiss, and the Ragain's HamMog radio truck. There were also 3 Pinzgauers: Jim Walters, Patrick Robb, and Per Eliason. These 7 vehicles made quite an impressive sight where we met at the Hugh M. Woods store, then passed through Sedalia!

Seems we always have some event to remember (last time: me getting really stuck). This trip, Tyson had worst time of it, he rolled his Unimog (sorry Tyson!). Actually, it just layed down to rest awhile. As he cut across a switchback, somehow the wheels got a little too high on the side of some serious ditches and the 'mog rolled over onto it's side with the wheels on the uphill side. That was on the trail down to the quarry. We never did get to the quarry. Recovery of the 'mog was a much more fun project!

We hooked Rodgers' Mog, and HamMog, to Tyson's mogs frame and easily toppled it back on to the wheels with little effort, and little 'mog damage. Rodger has some videos! After checking the oil, the 'mog started right up, smoked a few seconds, and was ready to go again. pictures and video:

See the video

Christine, Tyson's wife, got hit with a troop seat which came loose from the bed. She later got 6 stitches, so this was too close a call. This should be a good wake-up to safety for all of us! Tyson's family, (and Patrick as an escort) took the short way out to get Christine's cut checked for complications. They assured the remainder of the group that we should continue our trip.

A week later, during phone calls to arrange the next trip (see Sept 27th trip report), Christine sounded really enthusiastic for another Unimog ride!

We (well, most of us anyway!) had a great time in spite of the rollover. The trail wanders up and down the ridges that are part of the Rockies foothills. The main road has recently been rejuvenated by the National Forest Service so is passable by a "lesser" vehicle. Many of the side roads are washed out and not maintained, and we took as many of those as possible.

We cooked supper down in Watson Park (the cove where I got stuck on the previous trip). We then came out the "short" way through Dakan Road. The Rampart Range area was beautiful at night. The stars were brilliant, and Denver city lights were visible from some of the foothills overlooks. The trip was longer than planned. We all left the Denver area at about 1400, and I got back home at 2300 Sat night. Kristopher must have been much later getting back to Rollinsville!

- Bob Ragain

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