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Checking Oil levels in a Unimog 404.1

If you want your Unimog to live a long, healthy life,
you must check the oil levels and change oil regularly.

Here is a schedule for the various levels to be checked and changed.

It is far better to perform this maintenance too often, rather than not enough!!!

Location Check every Replace every Type of oil Capacity
Engine 2-300 km 300-1000 km 30-40W Engine oil 6.5 liters
Transmission 4000 km 8000 km 90W Gear oil 6.0 liters
Differentials 4000 km 8000 km 90W Gear oil 3.0 liters each
Hub Reduction Gears 4000 km 8000 km 90W Gear oil 0.3 liters each
Fan 8000 km ... 90W Gear oil as required
Idler pulley 8000 km ... 90W Gear oil as required
Water pump 8000 km ... 90W Gear oil as required
Air Compressor 4000 km ... 30W Engine oil 0.6 liters
Air Cleaner ... 4000 km 5-10W Engine oil 1.0 liter
Steering Box 8000 km ... 90W Gear oil 0.6 liters
PTO Governor ... ... 30-40W Engine oil as required
PTO Bearings ... ... 90W Gear oil 0.1 liters
Distributor rubbing block 8000 km ... Grease as required
Distributor oil nipple 8000 km ... 30-40W Engine oil as required
Drive shaft thrust balls
& steering knuckle pins
1000 km ... Grease as required
Chassis lube points 1000 km ... Grease as required

Some changes I've made, that differ from Mercedes Benz recommendations:
I don't believe in multi-grade motor oil. I've driven air-cooled VW's for too many years. A straight-weight motor oil will stand up to hard use and high temperatures much better than a multi-grade oil. Think about it, a 10W-30 oil is actually a 10W oil!

I also prefer to use a lighter weight oil in the air cleaner, since it will cut down on the amount of vacuum required to pull the air through the air cleaner.

I like to check my transmission oil almost as often as I do the engine oil. (Once bitten....) If a Unimog transmission output seal leaks, it doesn't show externally. It leaks down the inside of the drive-shaft tube, and over-fills the differential.

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